Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bharat-Chakra ( VI )

1. The name, 'X' , was officially given by the British as they could not pronounce the Angami name Kewhira (Tenyidie for "the land where the flower Kewhi grows"). It is so called after the wild flowering plant Kewhi, found in the mountains. Earlier, 'X' was also known as "Thigoma". 'X' is a city.  Identify 'X'.

2. Identify this structure or the place.

3. Legend has it that a devout woman Kusuma offered worship to Shiva regularly by immersing a Shivalingam in a tank, as a part of her daily ritual worship. Her husband's first wife, envious of her piety and standing in society murdered Kusuma's son in cold blood. An aggrieved Kusuma continued her ritual worship, and when she immersed the Shivalingam again in the tank, her son was miraculously restored to life. Shiva is said to have appeared in front of her and the villagers, and then one is believed to have been worshipped in the form of a Jyotirlingam XXXX. Which Jyotirlangam?

4. Another Q on temple : Which group/organization uses the gopuram of the Srivilliputhur temple in its seal?

5. 'Y's autobiography is called "Mere Sangarshmai Jeevan Evam xxxxxxx Movement Ka Safarnama". Its spread across three volumes and is over 3300 pages ; and is in Hindi. Identify Y. ('xxxxxxx' -- deliberately cut)