Sunday, April 09, 2006

5 Qs on Cults/Movements


(1) The group 'G' reveres Shiva as their chief god, and is involved in ancient yoga, primitive Buddhism and Mahayanist Buddhist teachings. The group's ultimate aim is to 'save all living things from transmigration.' The group is often referred to as a new Buddhist sect, but it also claims to be an original religion based on Hinduism and created by Mr. X. Identify 'X' and 'G'.
[ a Big Clue : G currently operating under the name 'Aleph,' is best known for its March 20, 1995 terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway system.]

(2) This religious cult was was linked to an infamous 1984 criminal case in which salmonella bacteria was used to contaminate a US restaurant's salad bars.The devotees of this religion are sometime referred to as "Orange People". Identify the leader of this cult.

(3) This movement was found by a Korean Minister, who claimed that Jesus had come in his dreams when he was 15 and asked him to finish the task that was unaccomplished after his(Jesus) crucification.Members were initially dubbed "Moon Children" and the leader of the movement was called as "Father Moon".Critics call the members of this movement/cult as 'Moonies'. Name the Leader and the Movement.

(4) This symbol has been one of the best known symbols of Zoroastrian theology.Name the symbol.

(5) This religious movement or the so called philosophy aims at "knowing how to know" . It has attracted lots of controversies(leading it to be branded as a'cult' and not a movement) and is at the same time been endorsed by celebrities like Tom Cruise. (Hint : Hubbard)


1. G= Aum Shinrikyo (spelled Om Shinri Kyo), X = Shoko Asahara
2. Rajneesh or Osho
3. Leader = Sun Myung Moon (Original Name - Mun Yong-myong), Unification Church or Unification Movement
4. Faravahar or Farohar
5. Scientology