Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bharat-Chakra ( II )

Answers on Friday (21-April-2006). Kindly mention the Subject Name as "Answers - Bharat-Chakra ( II )" while sending the answers to the above mentioned mail id.

(1) 'X' collected stones from the Shivalik foothills and neighbouring riverbeds on his bicycle over a period of seven years (1958 to 1965) and created this landmark what would otherwise have been a dumping ground for urban and industrial waste. The creator picked up pieces of foundry lime-kiln and metal workshop wastes and shaped them with his creative genius, resembling human, animal or abstract forms. The layout is based on the fantasy of a lost kingdom. What is 'X' and who created it?

(2) "Defying international law and disregarding the rights of the lower riparian country, India built 'Z' in 1975 on the 'X1' River just 11 miles from the border of 'Y'. The 'Z' diverted 'X1' water into India’s 'X2' River, causing tremendous hardship to 'Y'.One researcher estimates that the water diversion causes annual losses of more than $4 billion in one of the world’s poorest countries."

What is being reported here? [X1, X2 , Y and Z have been intentionally hidden]

(3) 'X' was the first Asian American and Indian American member of the US Congress.Identify 'X'.

(4) 'X' was a pioneer in bringing about a telecom revolution in India; he introduced the Rural automatic telephone exchanges [RAX] to some of the most isolated regions in the country.Accesibility ( and not density ) was his motto.The bright yellow STD PCO boxes in Inida is a direct manifestation of his efforts.He was the Chief Technology Adviser to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

(5) This term 'T' changed its meaning from the name of a Kingdom to a collection of civil and military officers under the 'T' king, all of which were non-hereditary offices. Whats 'T' ? [Hint : The 'T' kings were called Swargadeos]


(1) Nek Chand's Rock Garden
(2) India and The Farakka Dam .X1 = Ganges; X2 = Hoogly ; Y= Bangladesh; Z = Farakka Dam.
(3) Dalip Singh Saund
(4) Sam Pitroda
(5) Ahom